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Benefits Summary

Employees of the University of Illinois receive a variety of State of Illinois, as well as University specific benefits.

The State of Illinois benefits are provided by the Group Insurance Act of 1971, which gives the State's Department of Central Management Services (CMS) the authority and responsibility to design, administer, negotiate and/or contract for benefits. Any change in these benefits is decided upon by CMS and becomes effective for all State of Illinois employees. These benefits include:

More information about State benefits is available in the State of Illinois Employees Benefits Handbook. This handbook is updated approximately every five years. For the most up to date rates and contact information, be sure to consult the current annual supplement, the FY 2017 Benefit Choice Options booklet (as of July 1, 2016). For information on the documentation needed for dependent enrollment in benefits, view Dependent Documentation Requirements and Deadlines.

The University also offers optional benefits that are supplemental to the State of Illinois benefits. The University benefits are approved by the Board of Trustees and managed by the University. These benefits include:

In addition to the State and University benefits, eligible employees are required to participate in benefits offered through the State Universities Retirement System. These benefits include:

Each year, the University holds an open enrollment period, typically during the month of May, called Benefit Choice. Any change in State or University benefits is implemented at this time and becomes effective the following July 1.

Changes to benefits plans can typically be made only during Benefit Choice or when experiencing a qualifying event. Some plans allow enrollments and changes at any time of the year.

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