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Earnings Statement

The earnings statement created by this application is based on real-time information from Banner. If you have questions about the information in your earnings statement, please contact your department supervisor.

Please note the pay period beginning and ending dates and the pay date of your earnings statement. Web-based earnings statements will be available three days prior to pay day in NESSIE.

Key Information

  • Nonacademic employees paid bi-weekly should note that when three pay periods are paid in the same month, regular and voluntary deductions will not be taken from the third pay period of that month. Regular and voluntary deductions will not be shown during these pay periods.
  • Funds deposited from employees' paychecks into UI credit unions (including loan payments) are no longer considered deductions; they are processed as direct deposit transactions that take place every pay period. Therefore, all credit union direct deposits will be taken from paychecks on a no deduction payday. For questions on no deduction paydays, please contact University Payroll Customer Service at or call your University Payroll Service Center: Urbana 217-265-6363, Chicago 312-996-7200, Springfield 217-206-7144.
  • For nonacademic employees, vacation accruals in a pay period are added to an employee's balance first and then hours used are deducted from that balance. Therefore, it is imperative that employees manage their vacation use in order to maximize their accruals. If you are at or close to reaching your maximum limit, notify your supervisor so that you can discuss arrangements to reduce your balance so that you may continue accruing leave time.
  • For nonacademic employees, as stated in Policy 7.02, the Adjusted Service Date will be used to calculate service awards and leave accruals. Service Hours and Service Years will no longer be available on the earnings statement. Employees should contact Human Resources if they have questions about adjusted service date.

Academic Employees: For help interpreting the Leave Benefits Summary that appears on your earnings statement, please read the Academic Leave Balance Announcement.

To view your current earnings statement and to access past earnings statements, click Continue. To exit the earnings statement application click Exit.

Did you know? A new look and feel version of the Earnings Statement is now available. Not only has the look been updated, it is now mobile and table friendly. Give it a try at

Are you off campus? You must access your Earnings Statement information from either a computer on a university network, OR by using 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) when you are off campus. Go to to set up 2FA. If you have not done so yet, we encourage you to set up 2FA immediately.

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