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What is E-Verify?

E-Verify is an internet-based system that electronically verifies an employee's authorization to work in the United States. Information from an employee's Form I-9 is entered into the system, and E-Verify electronically checks this information against records contained in Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Social Security Administration (SSA) databases.

Why must the University of Illinois participate in E-Verify?

Federal Executive Order 12989 requires federal contractors with qualifying contracts containing the E-Verify clause to use the E-Verify system to validate identity and employment eligibility. As a recipient of federal contract funding, the University is subject to this mandate. The risk of non-compliance is termination of participation in E-Verify, with penalties up to and including debarment (loss of all current and future federal funding).

How does E-Verify work?

E-Verify works by electronically comparing employee information taken from the Form I-9 against records in the SSA and DHS databases. Campus/central HR offices will handle the E-Verify process. Results are often returned within seconds.

Who will be E-Verified?

The Urbana and Chicago campuses are currently enrolled in E-Verify and must E-Verify the following:

  • All faculty and staff members performing work on a federal contract with the E-Verify clause.
  • All new employees hired to perform work on a federal contract with the E-Verify clause.
  • Any employees transferred onto a federal contract with the E-Verify clause.

The Springfield campus is not yet enrolled in E-Verify.

Employees hired prior to November 7, 1986 who have remained continuously employed by the University of Illinois since that date will not be E-Verified.

Supporting Documents and Information

Frequently Asked Questions for Employees regarding E-Verify

Federal Notices/Posters for E-Verify Employers

Notice of Enrollment in E-Verify (English Version)
Notice of Enrollment in E-Verify (Spanish Version)
Right to Work Poster (English Version)
Right to Work Poster (Spanish Version)

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities Under E-Verify
Information for Federal Contractors

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