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Student Employees and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act


In September 2013, the University mailed a mandated notice ("Insurance Marketplace Notice ") to each student who had been employed by the University within the last six months. The notice explained the option to purchase health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace. The University was still required to send you this notice even if you are enrolled in the student health insurance plan.

Prior to mailing the Notice, the University sent e-mail messages describing the Notice and why it is important. The e-mails can be read at the links below:

If you already have health insurance coverage for yourself and your dependent family members through the student health insurance plan and/or a parent, spouse, or other family member, then the Insurance Marketplace Notice is for informational purposes because you will already satisfy your responsibility to maintain health insurance coverage. You do not need to purchase insurance through the Marketplace as long as you and your dependent family members maintain insurance coverage.


FAQs about the Notice


To learn more about PPACA, please consult these resources.


If you have questions about your student employment status, please contact your campus student employment or human resources office.

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Springfield campus

Chicago campus

  • UIC Student Employment
  • UIC HR Service Center (Graduate Student Employees)
  • University Administration

    If you have questions about the student health insurance plan, please contact the student insurance office at your campus:


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