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State Health Insurance

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The State of Illinois Employees Group Insurance Program (SEGIP) health insurance plan is available to both University of Illinois employees and their dependents who meet the State eligibility criteria. Proof of dependent eligibility is required, see Dependent Documentation Requirements and Deadlines. SEGIP health insurance is a State of Illinois benefit, which requires participation by all eligible full-time employees. Part-time employees may elect to waive health insurance coverage. Full-time employees may elect to opt out of the health, dental, and vision coverage with proof of enrollment in another comprehensive health plan.

There are two types of health care plans available: an Indemnity plan called the Quality Care Health Plan (QCHP), and two Managed Care plans: a Health Management Organization Plan (HMO) and an Open Access Plan (OAP). Not all Managed Care plans are available in all areas. Check with your Benefits office to verify the plans available in your area. Both plans vary in rates, provisions, and level of coverage, but do offer several similarities between the two plans.

If a plan selection is not made within the first 30 calendar days of employment, then you are automatically defaulted into the QCHP. Dependents will not be eligible for coverage until the next Benefit Choice period, or, if experiencing a qualifying event.

If an employee and the employee's spouse are both employees of the University or any other State of Illinois agency, each must be insured individually. Either or both spouse may elect health coverage for dependents; however, the same dependent cannot be enrolled under both spouses for the same type of health, dental or life coverage.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Federal Healthcare changes effective 7/1/2011:

  • Elimination of annual and lifetime maximum benefit limits
  • Elimination of pre-existing condition limitations
  • Preventive care paid at 100%
  • Married dependent children are now eligible for coverage
  • Change in dependent child categories

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