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Technical Errors and Common Problems

Invalid Password Error - New Hire
Update Employee Information Form - New Hire
NetID and Password Don't Work
PIN Reset - Incorrect Birthday
Cannot Find College or University in the Employee Information Form
Special Characters Error in the Employee Information Form

Invalid Password Error - New Hire
Contact your hiring department if you get this error. Request that they reset your password.

Update Employee Information Form - New Hire
If you submitted your Employee Information Form (EIF) through NESSIE New Hire and need to make a change, you can access the Employee Information Form through regular NESSIE and make the change there. Please be sure to submit any changes you make.

NetID and Password Don't Work
Contact the office below for your campus if your NetID and Password are rejected. Human Resources does not maintain NetIDs and Password and cannot reset them. No one can tell you what your Password is. If you forgot it or it's not being accepted, request that it be reset through one of the offices below. Chicago and Springfield employees: Don't forget to enter or after your NetID.

Chicago: Visit the ACC Password Changing Utility web page or contact the Client Services Office at (312) 413-0003.

Springfield: Visit the Reset Password web page or contact the Technology Support Center at (217) 206-6000.

Urbana-Champaign: Visit the CITES Forgotten NetID web page or contact the CITES Help Desk, 1211 Digital Computer Lab, (217) 244-7000.

PIN Reset - Incorrect Birthday Error
Contact your department if you get an error that indicates your birthday is incorrect. The department can verify the birthdate in the system. If the birthdate in the system is incorrect, use the wrong birthdate to establish the PIN. Then update your birthdate information in the Employee Information form.

If you are using a public workstation or someone has logged onto NESSIE on the machine you are using before you logged on you may also receive this incorrect birthday error. Close the web browser and re-enter NESSIE. When you log in again you should be able to enter your PIN without receiving an error.

To reset your PIN, complete the PIN Request Page and click Submit.

Cannot Find Educational Institution
Report missing institutions to the appropriate Human Resources office.

Special Characters Error - Employee Information Form
Contact the appropriate Human Resources office to report the error.


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