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Employees terminating employment from the University should contact their unit or the appropriate central/campus Human Resources office for termination process information. General termination information is listed below. See the Retirement section for information relevant for Academic and Civil Service employees planning for retirement.


Employees who are either resigning or are terminated by the university have coverage through midnight on the last day the employee was physically at work (or on an approved leave of absence). Resigning employees cannot extend the date of separation by using accrued benefit time.

Faculty 9/9 Appointments - Full-time and part-time university faculty eligible for coverage during the academic summer break automatically receive group insurance through 8/31. If the employee does not wish to continue coverage through 8/31, they may request to terminate the coverage. The effective date of the termination would be the date of the request or any future date.

Employees terminating from the University will be notified of certain benefits termination information once the department completes the termination paperwork. For general information, please visit the following links:


Final paychecks for terminating and retiring employees will be produced in the same manner as previous checks.

Pay-out for unused vacation and compensable sick leave, within stated policy limits, will be made separately and subsequent to the last regular pay. Contact your department if you have questions regarding the timing of your payout.


Civil Service Policy and Rules
Rule 2.09 - Separation
Rule 7.06 - Pay for Vacation and Personal Leave Upon Termination
Rule 10.06 - Sick Leave Compensation Upon Termination

Academic Policies
Urbana: Separations | Vacation Leave | Sick Leave
Chicago: Payment of Terminal Benefits for Academic Employees
Springfield: Contact the campus Human Resources office.

Rights and Responsibilities

Employees who intend to resign from the University are responsible for notifying their designated supervisor and for following central/campus resignation procedures.

Employees have the right to review and, when appropriate, append their personnel records within one year after termination, under the Personnel Records Review Act. For additional information, contact the campus Human Resources office.

Resignation Requirements

The requirements for length of notice vary by campus. Review the Exit Checklist for Employees for guidelines and contact your immediate supervisor or central/campus Human Resources office for specific information. Complete the Resignation Retirement Form for Employees and return to your department HR representative.

Exit Checklist for Departments/Units

Additional Resources

Unemployment Information:
What Every Worker Should Know About Unemployment Insurance
Online Filing of Illinois Unemployment Insurance Claim


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