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Illinois Volunteer Emergency Worker Job Protection Act

The Illinois Volunteer Emergency Worker Job Protection Act provides protection to employees who serve as volunteer emergency workers and are absent from or late to work due to their response to an emergency.

Specific information on the following topics can be found below:

Approval & Documentation
Reporting Absence

This job protection is provided for under State of Illinois Compiled Statutes 50 ILCS 748 - Volunteer Emergency Worker Job Protection Act.


An employee is eligible for this protection if he/she serves as a volunteer emergency worker and is absent from or late to employment due to a response to an emergency prior to the time the employee was to report to his/her place of employment.

According to the Act, a "volunteer emergency worker" is an individual who serves in one of the following volunteer roles, and does not receive monetary compensation for his/her services in this role:

  • Firefighter
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B, EMT-I, EMT-P)
  • Ambulance Driver or Attendant
  • First Responder
  • Member of county or municipal emergency services and disaster agency
  • Auxiliary policeman or deputy

Approval & Documentation

The employee must make a reasonable effort to notify his/her employer that he/she may be absent or late to work.

The employer has the right, following the employee's absence, to request that the employee provide a written statement from the supervisor or acting supervisor of the volunteer fire department or governmental entity that the volunteer emergency worker serves. This document should state that the employee responded to an emergency and indicate the time and date of the emergency.

Reporting Absence

Civil Service non-exempt and other hourly employees should report this absence as an "Excused Absence W/O Pay". If supervisory approval has been granted, an employee may substitute accrued vacation or personal leave for this unpaid absence.

Academic employees will not be required to report this absence unless the length of the absence is equal to a half day of work. Employees in this situation should contact their department for reporting procedures.


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