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UFML Reimbursement

During a period of unpaid University Family Medical Leave (UFML) for the care of a registered, same-sex, domestic partner, employees will be billed for the total State of Illinois Central Management Services (CMS) insurance premium (including both the employer-paid portion and the employee-paid portion of the premium) and are responsible for keeping premium payments current. The purpose of this reimbursement plan is to reimburse the employee for the employer portion of the premiums incurred during an approved unpaid UFML leave. This reimbursement is a taxable benefit subject to the applicable tax withholdings.

Employees are encouraged to contact the UPB Benefits Service Center within thirty days following the last day of paid employment to understand the billing obligations. To estimate how much you will be required to pay, please consult the Health and Dental Rate Tables for information on the employee and State of Illinois premium monthly contributions.

To receive reimbursement for the employer portion of the insurance premiums, please complete the following steps:

  1. Make payment to CMS for the entire bill by the due date.
  2. Complete the University Family Medical Leave (UFML) Premium Reimbursement Claim Form.
  3. Submit the following information to the UPB Benefits Service Center on your campus:
    • Completed UFML Premium Reimbursement Claim Form
    • Copy of Central Management Services (CMS) monthly bill(s)

Questions about the University Family Medical Leave Reimbursement Plan should be directed to the UPB Benefits Service Center on your campus.


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