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Elected Official Leave

The Time Off for Official Meetings Act grants eligible employees unpaid leave time for the purpose of attending an official meeting of the public body to which the official has been elected within the State of Illinois.

Elected Official Leave is provided for under State of Illinois Compiled Statutes 50 ILCS 115 - Time Off for Official Meetings Act.


Any employee who is an elected official of a unit of local government or school district under Section 1 of the Time Off for Official Meetings Act may be eligible to request this leave.

Approval & Documentation

The employee must provide his/her supervisor or department with advance notice of his/her intent to request time off for this leave.

Length of Leave

The length of leave that is granted is for the period of time in which the official meeting is held and the period of time necessary to travel to and from the meeting. For purposes of this leave, “official meeting” means any gathering of the public body in which a quorum of the members are expected to attend and which is to be held for the purpose of discussing public business.

Reporting Leave

Civil Service non-exempt and other hourly employees should report elected official leave as an "Excused Absence W/O Pay". If supervisory approval has been granted, an employee may substitute accrued vacation or personal leave for this unpaid leave.

Academic employees will only be required to report elected official leave when the length of the absence is equal to a half day or more of work. Employees in this situation should contact their department for reporting proced.


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