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Quality Care Health Plan and Managed Care Health Plans

In both plans:

  • Coverage begins on the first day of employment.
  • Rates are structured on a three-tiered plan:
    • Employee only (Individual)
    • Employee plus one dependent (spouse or child)
    • Employee plus two or more dependents
  • Changes to the plan are available during Benefit Choice or if experiencing a qualifying event.
  • Dependent children, under age 26, are eligible for coverage regardless of student status, marital status or residency. Exception: Adult veteran children must live in Illinois to be eligible for coverage in the Adult Veteran category.
  • Enrollment of a newborn child is guaranteed within 60 days of birth, but not automatic. Enrollment forms must be completed and submitted to UPB Benefits Services within 60 days of the date of birth for the child to have coverage.
  • Dependent coverage can start on the employee's first day of employment, or, the date the enrollment forms are submitted, whichever the employee prefers.
  • Employees electing dependent coverage must provide their Social Security Number and supporting documentation of dependent status (i.e. marriage license, birth certificate, etc.). See Dependent Documentation Requirements and Deadlines.


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