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Health insurance for full-time employees is primarily paid for by the State of Illinois, with a monthly employee contribution based on the employee's salary and plan selected. Salary-based contributions remain in effect unless you retire, accept a voluntary salary reduction or return to State employment at a different salary (this does not apply if you are returning to work from a leave of absence).

See Calculating Health and Dental Insurance Costs and also part-time employees for additional information on cost of health insurance.

The following rates are for full-time employees.

Employee Contributions

Employee Monthly Contribution
Employee Annual Salary
Managed Care Plan Quality Care Plan
$30,200 & below $68.00 $93.00
$30,201 - $45,600 $86.00 $111.00
$45,601 - $60,700 $103.00 $127.00
$60,701 - $75,900 $119.00 $144.00
$75,901 - $100,000 $137.00 $162.00
$100,001 & above $186.00 $211.00

Dependent Cost
The cost of dependent coverage is in addition to employee contributions. Dependents must be enrolled in the same plan as the employee under whom they are enrolled.

Medicare dependent contributions apply only if Medicare is Primary for both Parts A and B. If you are actively working and you or your dependents are enrolled in Medicare, questions regarding whether Medicare is primary payer should be directed to your plan administrator.

The following dependent rates are for employees that are full-time.

Employee Monthly Contribution for Dependents
Plan Name One Dependent Two or More Dependents One Medicare A and B Primary Dependent Two or More Medicare A and B Primary Dependents
Quality Care Health Plan $249 $287 $142 $203
BlueAdvantage HMO $96 $132 $75 $110
Health Alliance HMO $113 $159 $89 $133
HMO Illinois $100 $139 $79 $116
Aetna HMO (formerly Coventry HMO) $111 $156 $88 $130
Aetna OAP (formerly Coventry OAP) $111 $156 $88 $130
HealthLink OAP $126 $179 $102 $149


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