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Frequently Asked Questions About the Employment Verification System (EVS)

What is Employment Verification?
Employment Verification is one way of authenticating your status at the University of Illinois, generally used for providing proof of employment and/or earnings.

Why use the online Employment Verification System (EVS)?
The online system allows a University employee to provide their vendor (bank, credit union, mortgage company, government approved housing, or other business) with almost immediate access to his or her employment verification information. The online Employment Verification System is a time saving self-service tool for you.

What does the employee do?
You, the employee, need to set up a one-time use Vendor Access Number (VAN) using NESSIE.

  1. Access NESSIE at
  2. Select the Personal Information tab.
  3. Select Employment Verification System. You will need your NetID and Password or your Enterprise ID and password to login.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to create Vendor Access Numbers (VANs). There is no limit to the number of VANs that may be set up, as long as each VAN is different.
  5. Provide your vendor with the VAN you created (must be used within 30 days), your Social Security Number or UIN, and the Internet address for the University of Illinois Employment Verification System (EVS) -

What does the business or vendor do?
The vendor accesses the University of Illinois Employment Verification System (EVS) at Next, the vendor follows the on-screen instructions to submit the VAN and Social Security Number or UIN provided by the employee. Employment Verification information will appear on-screen and can be printed.

Print a copy of the Vendor Instructions for your Vendor.

What is a VAN?
A VAN is a Vendor Access Number. It is a number created by the employee that, once established in the online employment verification system, allows an outside business or vendor to access the employee's employment verification information.

What is the University of Illinois Employment Verification System (EVS)?
The University of Illinois Employment Verification System (EVS) is an electronic application maintained by University Human Resources that enables external organizations to view selected University of Illinois employee information.

Who can use NESSIE?
Only University of Illinois employees can use and view information in NESSIE. University employees access their part of the Employment Verification System through NESSIE. Use of this system by an employee implies consent to the release of employment verification information to the business/vendor.

Who can use the University of Illinois Employment Verification System (EVS)?
The University of Illinois Employment Verification System (EVS) can be used by University of Illinois employees and by the vendors to whom an employee provides access. Only vendors who have received a VAN and a Social Security Number or UIN from a University employee can view that employee's information.

When are NESSIE and the University of Illinois Employment Verification System (EVS)available?
Operating hours for both systems are 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except between 6:00 a.m. and noon on Sunday. During this time, employees can create VANs using NESSIE, and vendors can access employment verification information using the Employment Verification System (EVS).

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