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Pregnancy Leave

Pregnancy leave may be granted for the purpose of pregnancy unless there is sufficient justification to deny the request, and is based upon disability or incompatibility between an employee's pregnant state and the regularly required duties of her position.

Leave taken for reasons of pregnancy qualifies as family and medical leave and shall be applied toward the 12-week entitlement period for eligible employees.

Specific information on the following topics can be found below:

Length of Leave
Benefits Continuation
Returning from Leave

Please also see information regarding Nursing Mothers in the Workplace.


Civil Service employees in a trainee, apprentice, learner, or status appointment and employees in a provisional appointment intended to be permanent are eligible for pregnancy leave.

Eligibility will also be based on disability or incompatibility between an employee's pregnant state and the regularly required duties of her position.


Pregnant employees who are advised by their physicians to begin pregnancy leave shall provide their supervisors with their physician's medical advice regarding leave commencement. Supervisors may require employees to provide a medical opinion from their physician to verify the necessity and probable duration of the leave.

Employees may also be requested by their supervisor to visit a designated health care provider for further medical consultation.

Leave of Absence Information and Form (Rich Text Format)

Length of Leave

Pregnancy leave shall continue until the employee, on the basis of acceptable medical opinion, is able to return to work.

Benefits Continuation

Employees using accrued sick and vacation leave benefits to remain in pay status, or employees eligible for family and medical leave (FML), will continue to receive State and University benefits as if they were continuously working.

Employees not eligible for FML or who have exhausted accumulated leave and are in non-pay status, are eligible to participate in the State benefits; however, are not eligible for the State-paid contribution. Participation is entirely at the employee's expense. Employees may also elect to become a dependent of another employee (spouse or parent). Employees choosing this option must waive all coverage (including health, dental, and life) as an employee.


Employees have the option to take Pregnancy Leave with or without pay. To continue in pay status, employees must use accrued sick or vacation leave in accordance with University leave provisions.

Returning from Leave

Employees shall obtain a statement from their physician as soon as is practicable, approving her return to work. This approval shall be presented to the employing unit, prior to her return to work. The employee may be requested to undergo medical consultation by a designed health care provider.


Umiversity Policy
Family and Medical Leave

Policy and Rules for Civil Service Staff
Rule 11.08 - Pregnancy Leave
Rule 11.07 - Family and Medical Leave
Rule 11.09 - Disability Leave

Campus Policies

Continued Employment of Persons Receiving Disability Payments
Disability by Reason of Pregnancy for Academic and Nonacademic Staff Members
Family and Medical Leave

Family and Medical Leave
Disability Leave of Absence

Contact the campus Human Resources office.

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