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Vacation Leave

Eligible employees are granted vacation leave, a pre-approved paid absence from work, to be used for personal and vacation reasons. Leave for vacation purposes will be arranged with due regard for operating needs of the University and to accommodate the convenience of the employee.

Specific information on the following topics can be found below:

Benefits Continuation
Transfer of Vacation Leave
Vacation Leave Payout


Civil Service employees in a trainee, apprentice, learner, provisional, and status appointment are eligible.

Academic employees must have a 12-month appointment to be eligible for vacation. Those appointed for an academic year (9 months) or 10 months paid over 12 months are not eligible for vacation leave.


Civil Service employees may earn up to 28 days of vacation leave per year, depending on length of service. Please see Civil Service Accrual Tables. Employees may accumulate an amount of leave equal to that earned in two service years at the employee's current earnings rate, but upon reaching this accumulation will cease to earn leave except when the accumulation is reduced. Vacation accruals in a pay period are added to an employee's balance first and then hours used are deducted from that balance. Therefore, it is imperative that employee's manage their vacation use in order to maximize their accruals. If you are at or close to reaching your maximum limit, notify your supervisor so that you can discuss arrangements to reduce your balance so that you may continue accruing leave time.

Academic employees receive 24 workdays (192 hours) per year at the percentage of their appointment. For example, an academic professional on a 50% appointment will receive 24 days at 50% time, which is the equivalent of 96 hours. New employees starting after the beginning of the academic year receive a prorated share. A maximum accumulation of 48 days (384 hours) may be carried over from one appointment year to the next.


Vacation leave is meant to be used for personal and family reasons and should be pre-approved by the department, except in the case of emergency situations.

Civil service employees who earn vacation leave according to Schedule A may take leave in tenth-hour increments, and those under Schedule B may take leave in full or partial days, but may not charge such leave for partial days in increments other than full- or half-days based on the employee’s full time equivalency. Leave taken under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) may be charged in increments of less than a full hour.

Departmental procedures for requesting the use of vacation leave may vary. Contact your immediate supervisor for the particular procedures in your department.


Civil Service employees report leave usage on a bi-weekly basis when completing their normal time and attendance reporting.

Academic reporting occurs bi-annually, in May and August. Reporting may occur more often based on departmental procedures.

Benefits Continuation

While using vacation leave, employees continue to receive the same State and University benefits as when actively working. All State-paid contributions continue.

Transfer of Vacation Leave

When transferring from an academic to Civil Service position, or vice versa, any vacation earned will ordinarily be used before the employee transfers. If doing so would create a hardship, arrangements may be made for transfer of all or part of the accumulated vacation provided that these arrangements are acceptable to the two administrative units and the employee.

In no case can a transfer of accumulated vacation leave result in a loss of accumulated benefits, except that at the time an employee retires, resigns, or otherwise terminates employment with the University the employee's accumulated vacation leave may not exceed the maximum allowable accrued/received.

Vacation Leave Payout

Civil Service Staff
Employees are paid for any vacation leave accumulated and not used as of the employee's last scheduled workday. If an employee accepts employment at another state agency or institution, under certain conditions, accrued vacation leave may be transferred, subject to the State Universities Civil Service System.

Academic Staff
If an employee has accumulated unused vacation time as of the last day of employment, the employee will be paid a lump sum for this time up to a maximum of 48 days (384 hours) if full-time. Part-time employees receive a vacation payout prorated based on their FTE. For example, a 50% academic professional will be paid a lump sum up to a maximum of 48 days at 50% (192 hours). Vacation payout may exceed 48 days if the vacation leave balance in excess of 48 days is due to either: (a) an employee group change from Civil Service to Academic; or (b) a change to the employee's full-time equivalency (FTE) from full-time to part-time.

When employees leave the University before the completion of their contract, vacation must be prorated for the portion of the year worked. If, at the date of termination, employees have used more vacation than they have earned, the value of the unearned days used will be deducted from the employee's final paycheck. If the repayment amount is not deducted from the final check, an employee will be required to reimburse the University for the value of the used unearned days.


Select from the appropriate campus and/or employee group for specific policy information.

University Academic Policies
General Rules Concerning University Organization and Procedure

Policy and Rules for Civil Service Staff
Policy 7: Vacation and Personal Leave
Rule 2.10 - Retirement
Rule 12.05 - Group Insurance Continuation Following Retirement
Rule 7.06 - Pay for Vacation and Personal Leave Upon Termination

Campus Policies

Annual Vacation and Sick Leave Reporting - Academics

Vacation Leave for Academic Employees
Sick Leave and Vacation Transfer from other State Agencies
Vacation and Personal Leave for Support Staff
Restoration of Leave Time Upon Return to the University
Leave Reporting for Academic Employees
Payment of Terminal Benefits for Academic Employees
Payment of Terminal Benefits for Support Staff Employees

Contact the campus Human Resources Office.

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