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Civil Service Statute and Rules

January 1996

Civil Service Statute


Section 250.5: Definitions
Section 250.10: Purpose, Adoption, and Amendment of Rules
Section 250.20: The State Universities Civil Service System and its Divisions
Section 250.30: The Classification Plan
Section 250.40: Military Service Preference, Veterans Preference
Section 250.50: Examinations
Section 250.60: Eligible Registers
Section 250.70: Nonstatus Appointments
Section 250.80: Status Appointments
Section 250.90: Probationary Period
Section 250.100: Reassignments and Transfers
Section 250.110: Separations and Demotions
Section 250.120: Seniority
Section 250.130: Review Procedures
Section 250.140: Delegation of Authority and Responsibilities
Section 250.150: Training
Section 250.160: Suspension of Rules

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