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State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (SOEEA) Reporting Policy

The State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (5 ILCS 430) requires the Illinois public university governing boards in coordination with the Illinois Board of Higher Education to demonstrate they have adopted and implemented for all employees under their respective jurisdiction and control specific personnel policies relating to the documentation of official State business. Further, this Act requires State employees to periodically submit records documenting the total amount of time spent each day on official State business to the nearest quarter hour (5 ILCS 430/5-5).

University Policy and Procedures

In response to the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act, the University has developed a University Reporting Policy for the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (SOEEA), which requires all Academic Professional and Civil Service employees to document all hours worked (twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week) while conducting official University business. Official University business will be recorded on a weekly basis to the nearest quarter-hour. Information to be submitted pursuant to this policy is to be used to document compliance with the SOEEA Act only, and is not to be used for computation of employee' pay or overtime; or any activities associated with grants and contracts reporting. The requirement is separate from, and in addition to, other University reporting requirements and obligations.

Academic Professional and exempt Civil Service (not eligible for overtime) employees are required to utilize the Online Reporting Tool (UIUC, UIS & UA Employees | UIC Employees) for reporting time spent on University business.

Supporting Documents and Information

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